alcohol in Sidney

Strongbow Cider (England 1962) : The world's #1 cider,crisp and refreshing with a bittersweet apple flavor.

Boddingtons Pub Ale(Cans)(England 1778) : this classic bitter English beer is time tested and has a straw golden hue and is very light bodied.

 1516 (Okanagan Springs) :Bavarian style lager with a crisp finish and a rich golden  colour.

British Columbia Draughts

 Dark Matter and Pilsner(Hoyne)Fantastic local brews from the creator of  Swans and Canoe pubs brews!

 Blue Buck (Phillips): Deep amber,crispy and delicalitely hopped.Slightly bitter.

Citrus Shore (Lighthouse): A unique IPA full of citrus and tropical flavor

Racerocks Amber Ale (Lighthouse): Chesnut coloured Amber Ale.Sweet smooth buscuit flavor with hints of caramel and chocolate.

Analogue 78 (Phillips).Great summer Kolsch  from our local brewery.

Local Draughts

Beers from around the World

Stella Artois (Belgium 1926): This classic European Lager, golden and light.

Smithwicks(Cans) (Ireland 1710): Dark red ale from Kilkenney.Crisp and light bodied.

Budweiser : A Canadian version of the classic American pale lager introduced in 1876.Made with rice and barley.

Honey Brown (Sleemans) : This old Ontario brewery (1851) produces a rich full bodied copper lager with a touch of natural honey and a sweet finish.

Switchback(Okanagan Springs)Great light Summer Beer.

​​​Driftwood Fat Tug:  Great local  Hoppy IPA 7%

Budweiser Light : Our light alcohol version of the American Classic (4%).

Big Rock seasonal beer

Rock Creek Peach Cider

Labatts Blue : One of our national beers,brewed since 1847,is a well balanced full flavor Pilsner.

Canadian Draughts

​​​​​​​​Category 12 Disruption:Award winning dark winter beer.6.9% alc.


Kokanee (Labatts): Pilsner style lager made from pure mountain water from the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

Draft Samplers: Taste any 4 of our 18 local,domestic and imports on tap for $9.95!

Guinness (Ireland 1759): The world's #1 Stout.Black beer,light body,with a distinctive burnt flavor. 4.2% alcohol.