​​​Driftwood Fat Tug:  Great local  Hoppy IPA 7%

Tiger Shark(Phillips)A unique hoppyfull of citrus and tropical flavor

​​​​​Racerocks Amber Ale (Lighthouse): Chesnut coloured Amber Ale.Sweet smooth buscuit flavor with hints of caramel and chocolate.

 Black Magic (Phillips).Great  Black beer from our local brewery.

Local Draughts

Beers from around the World

Budweiser : A Canadian version of the classic American pale lager introduced in 1876.Made with rice and barley.

Kokanee (Labatts): Pilsner style lager made from pure mountain water from the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

 Blue Buck (Phillips): Deep amber,crispy and delicalitely hopped.Slightly bitter.

Strongbow Cider (England 1962) : The world's #1 cider,crisp and refreshing with a bittersweet apple flavor.

Stella Artois (Belgium 1926): This classic European Lager, golden and light.


Canadian Draughts

 Dark Matter and Pilsner(Hoyne)Fantastic local brews from the creator of  Swans and Canoe pubs brews!

Draft Samplers: Taste any 4 of our 18 local,domestic and imports on tap for $9.95!

​​​​​​​​Category 12 Seasonal:Award winning beers from our local peninsula brewery.

Guinness (Ireland 1759): The world's #1 Stout.Black beer,light body,with a distinctive burnt flavor. 4.2% alcohol.

Honey Brown (Sleemans) : This old Ontario brewery (1851) produces a rich full bodied copper lager with a touch of natural honey and a sweet finish.

British Columbia Draughts

alcohol in Sidney

Magners Cider (Ireland ): Brilliant traditional apple cider from Ireland

Labatts Blue : One of our national beers,brewed since 1847,is a well balanced full flavor Pilsner.

 1516 (Okanagan Springs) :Bavarian style lager with a crisp finish and a rich golden  colour.

Budweiser Light : Our light alcohol version of the American Classic (4%).

Rock Creek Pear Cider

Rock Creek Peach Cider

Seasonal beer(Okanagan Springs)